Pure Beauty

Mesmerizing Sedona sits at the lower end of Oak Creek Canyon. A stunning destination renowned for the red sandstone buttes and the multi-hued cliffs that rise up from the high desert floor.

It is no wonder that this Arizona gem is often named the Most Beautiful Place in America.  From the contrast of rosy sandstone and cerulean sky to the surprise presence of lush green juniper and ponderosa pine, Sedona takes your breath away, over and over again. Surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land, Sedona entices you to come experience, explore and make lasting memories.

Things to Do

From hiking and biking Sedona’s red rocks, to jeep, hot air balloon and helicopter tours of the region; from exploring Red Rock State Park to discovering Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona is ripe for exploration.


Discover Sedona!